Our forums work on an infraction based system. If a forum member gets 5 infraction points he/she will be banned from the forums. Actions that will result in infractions includes:

  • Posting racial/ethnic slurs or content that promotes racial/ethnic hatred. This includes images.
  • Linking or posting violent or sexual content. 
  • Linking to a website that has the clear intention to violate another user. For example links to Facebook or other media with real life pictures without an individual's consent. 
  • Spamming and repeating the same phrase, idea, picture or slur.
  • Linking to a website that insults a certain sexual standpoint. 
  • Linking to a website that violates the BPG staff.
  • Impersonating a staff member of BPG.
  • Disclosing personal information about other community members or staff, such as phone numbers and photos without authorization.
  • Linking to websites that contain illegal substances or activities. 
  • Linking to or posting about hacks, cheats or malicious software. 

A direct message will be sent if infraction points are gained outlining the exact reason why they received the points.