Before contacting customer support about a missing item, please check your inventory, bank, and any other bag. If you still cannot find the item, try logging out and then back into the game. 

    If these suggestions fail to resolve the problem please submit a ticket and provide the following information:

    • Game account name

    • Character name

    • Email address linked to account

    • Exact date, time, and time zone that the incident took place

    • Full description of the item(s) that appear to have been misplaced. Was the item stacked? Was the item in a container such as a Bag? Providing as much information as possible will aid us in the investigation of your issue.

    • Please describe the method through which you became the item(s) owner. Was it crafted, traded, or looted?

    • Please add as much information as possible regarding the steps that led to your item(s) loss