While we try to maximize Darkfall’s performance for all types of hardware, we understand that there can be certain situations where players experience FPS drops despite their high-end hardware systems.

    Below you will find some suggestions that aim in helping you increase your maximum FPS while playing:
    • Confirm that your system exceeds the minimum requirements as outlined here.

    • Whitelist Darkfall processes in your antivirus software and confirm that any real-time monitoring utilities are disabled.

    • Make sure there are no CPU or GPU-intensive applications running in the background.

    • Install the latest drivers for your GPU and keep them updated - if the issue persists you may need to try a beta driver for your graphics card.

    • Try setting your in-game options to the lowest settings and enabling or disabling VSync.

    • Try switching your video mode from windowed to full screen or vice-versa but make sure you select this option from the lobby and not from the in-game options.

    • Check your graphics card driver software settings (Eg. Nvidia Control Centre, AMD Catalyst control centre etc.) for any settings that might be lowering your FPS.